Sunday, 20 November 2016

3 Dec 2016, TruNews 17Oct 2014 warning plus 777days UPDATED

I just did a date calculation from the day of the warning on Trunews Oct 17th 2014.  Adding 777 days comes out to 2 Dec 2016.

The warning TruNews 10/17/2014   16:30 - 24 min mark.

2 Dec 2016 after sunset is 3 Kislev 5777

Event on 3 Kislev:
3 Kislev circa 3622 - 140 B.C.E.:

The Chashmona'im removed all the idols from the Beit HaMikdash (The Temple). The day is cited as a Yom Tov in Megillat Taanit.


There was a word from Mena Lee Grebin from 27 June 2016 that within 3 to 6 Months Chaos would envelope America and also a Plague would be unleashed.

"Jesus then looked at me and with a stern voice said, "Within three to six months, total chaos will envelop America, and a pandemic will spread across the world." He then gave me understanding that the two events are separate, and I wasn't given a time frame for the pandemic."

27 June 2016 + 6 months = 27 Dec 2016...

1 Kislev events (1 Kislev 5777 = 1 Dec 2016)
1 Kislev - 1512 B.C.E.:
Egyptian plague of SH'CHIN (boils).


8th picture down "LC"   12/3 Big Apple....???


 Listened to it again (TN Oct17 2014 show ) at the 17:30 to 19:00 Mark. Carrissa (Rick’s Daughter) and Steven contacted Rick a week prior both with the feeling this was going to happen. Oct 17 2014 – one week = Oct 10 2014 + 777 days = 25 Nov 2016

I'm probably digging to deep but here it is:

Listened to it again.  Carrissa had the 5 scene dream May 21 2012 (20:39 mark).   May, the 5th month 21 (7+7+7)  5777   2+0+1+2= 5    5th month of 5777 (Adar / February?).  Do the 5 scenes start Thanks giving timeframe and end with the burned out smoldering US cities in Feb of 2017.

1 Adar - 1312 B.C.E.:
The Egyptians were smitten with the Plague of Choshech (Darkness) . The 9th plague to strike the Egyptians for their refusal to release the Bnei Yisrael / Children of Israel from slavery -- a thick darkness that blanketed the land so that "no man saw his fellow, and no man could move from his place" (Shmot / Exodus 10:23) -- commenced today on the 1st of Adar, six weeks before Yetziat Mitzrayim / the Exodus.
1 Adar 3341 - 420 B.C.E.:
Yechezkel HaNavi lamented Pharaoh the king of Egypt (see Yechezkel 32).

1 Adar 5777 is 27 Feb 2017

2+7+0+2+2+0+1+7= 21 or 7+7+7

There is also a Solar eclipse on 26 Feb 2017

Sister Barbara (Godshealer7)
"At the midday hour, the sky will become dark, there will be an earthquake so great that those that do not feel the Earth tremble will feel their Spirit tremble..."

Maximum eclipse at 14:58 UTC 26 Feb 2017


  1. Except that the video is 10/17/14, but the date of the warning was 4 months sooner! In June. So 777 days have long passed since then.

  2. Rick Wiles has talked about this 5 scene dream in other broadcasts. The original message was received May 21 2012. In one of those broadcasts is where I remember hearing about the Cranberry sauce on the families table. It was this particular broadcast that has always stuck in my head because of the confirmation by a second (Steven) within minutes of Rick reading his daughters email. A second witness. Will it happen on those dates? Don't know. I was just pointing out timing that seems to coincide. I've been wrong many times before and likely will again. Just found it interesting and wanted to share.