Sunday, 20 March 2016

the Davinci Code (2006 movie) Fibonacci numbers reveal a date?

The Davinci code (Movie) Fibonacci numbers from the movie (in order) 1123581321

The elite reverse everything or turn it upside down...These Fibonacci numbers in reverse    1231853211    12 (Dec) 31(day) & (19)85 + 32 +11 = 2028
From the Davinci Code movie script:
“At the chateau, you said, "It hides beneath the Rose."
No, no, no. Do be careful.
In Latin, sub rosa. Literal translation...
"Beneath the rose."
We need a mirror.
Backwards. In the style of Leonardo himself.”
Backwards the Fibonacci numbers could yield Dec 31st 2028.

2028 and 2030 prophetically described by Pastor Terry Bennett & Rick Wiles

Pastor Terry Bennett on Trunews with Rick Wiles Sept 18th 2014 stated three seven year time frames from 2008 through 2028 will occur and each 7 year subsection will have a particular turmoil (predominantly) associated with it.  The years 2008-2015 (economic turmoil), 2015-2021 (Government turmoil), 2021-2028 (Religious Turmoil).
The number of Man (6) demonically controlled in Economics, Government & Religion:   666
2030 comment at 52 min mark. 20 min mark interview starts on the subject at hand.

Astronomic events for Fall / Winter 2028
checkout Oct 30 2028 thru Dec 31st 2028 astronomical events
Saturn (Satan) at its closest approach to earth 30 Oct and a total Lunar eclipse 31 Dec 2028.

I have already found that the height of the Washington monument has the date 2030 encoded within its measurements:
Is a date encoded in the height of the Washington Monument (aka the “phallus of Osiris”)?
Stated height 555 ft 5 & 1/8 inches or decimal equivalent 555.427 x 12= 6665.124   a date? 5124 + 666 = 5790 (Hebrew year?). 5790 converted is 2030

Date of release for the Davinci Code

Released on 19 May 2006 which coverts to 21 Lyyar 5766 in the Hebrew calendar.  This date on the Hebrew calendar is the 36th day of the Omer or the count from Passover to Shavuot (49 days in total).

36 is interesting because every integer from 1 to 36 when added together yields 666.

Also adding the values of Jeremiah 39:2 The day the walls of Jerusalem were penetrated by Babylon.  11 years, 4 months & 9 days: 19 May 2006 (20 May in Jerusalem) 20 May 2006 + 11years, 4 months & 9 days = 29 Sept 2017, the eve of Yom Kippur (the Hebrew day of atonement) and 6 days after the Rev 12 sign.

" So there we have it, the sign of Revelation 12 in the sky above Jerusalem on special days, of which in their alignments and their meanings point to major prophetic events surrounding the First and Second Coming of Christ. Thus I believe these celestial alignments in 2017 have major prophetic implications..."

Luke 2:41-49  Jesus at age 12 talking with the scholars in the temple of Jerusalem.  The scholar amazed by his knowledge.  The first Rev 12 sign + 12 years.  The second REV 12 sign Sept 23rd 2017 + 12 years; Sept 23rd 2029 or Sukkot

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