Friday, 25 March 2016

The 2017 total eclipse over the USA

The total solar eclipse over the USA 2017

A total eclipse of the sun will make its way across the entirety of the USA 21 Aug 2017. This eclipse will first arrive upon the continental US just below the Columbia River in Oregon and exit the USA around Charleston South Carolina.  Eclipses of the Moon are related to Israel and eclipses of the sun pertain to the rest of the world according the Hebrew scholars.  2016 into 2017 is looking to be a pivotal time frame for the USA and the world.
A word from V the Guerrilla Economist on his intel from a retired 4 star general. By the end of 2015, the US dollar will be undermined and by the end of 2017 the USA will cease to exist as the country it was. 
8:30 min mark to 10 min mark (please listen to the whole interview though if you have time).

The Columbia River Oregon seen as an invasion point by Prophet Henry Gruver.

Henry Gruver’s vision of the North Western USA invasion path

Henry Gruver’s vision of surgical strikes upon the USA

The Charleston South Carolina connection
Charleston S.C. lies on the 33rd parallel and is also home to The Mother lodge of the world.  The Lodge headed by infamous masonic leader Albert Pike.  It is Charleston SC that was labeled by Father Malachi Martin in his book “Windswept house” and quoted in Tom Horn’s Apollyon Rising 2012 pg 330-331, as the site of a parallel enthronement ceremony of Lucifer carried out in the Vatican and Charleston at the same time 29 June 1963. What is interesting is 29 June 1963 to 21 Aug 2017 is 19777 days.  In Gematria 19 is Faith & 777 the Triunity of GOD.  A possible message that we must have faith in the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit in the dark days.  The eclipse date is also 21 days after the 9th of AV 2017, the date both Jewish temples were destroyed (666 - 360 day years apart). 21 January 2013 (Obama’s second inauguration) to 21 August 2017 is also 239 weeks.  The eclipse date is also 30 days prior to Rosh Hashanna, the Jewish New Year.

Maximum eclipse point and the New Madrid fault
The point show as the greatest eclipse point is also the epicenter of the New Mardrid faultline.  Many prophets have seen the USA being divided by a great earthquake and an inland sea forming.  Many have stated that this would occur when the USA forces Israel to divide Jerusalem.  The USA forces the division of Jerusalem and the LORD divides the USA… fitting.

Let us not forget the image of the Phoenix from the 1988 (Rothschild owned) Economist magazine cover. 2018 on the medallion wrapped around the mythical Phoenix’s neck (the bird that rises from its own ashes).  The Phoenix rises in 2018 which means the fire and destruction must come before.

Not only this but the Phoenix towers, presently under construction in China, will be completed in 2018.  3300 ft high and 17 acres of grounds.

NASA’s Juno probe to de-orbit into Jupiter in Feb 2018
The elite are giving hints to their timeline everywhere.   Big things are in the works folks.

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