Thursday, 5 April 2018

“123, that is the number”, Nisan 23? San Fran 1906 EQ occured 23 Nisan

Lois Vogel Sharp, she says in 2 different videos,"1-2-3, that is the number!"

Give these video clips a look.  Lois gives "123" in 2 different videos
At 4:10 mark “123, time is up”
8:25 mark, “123, that is the number” (word from the Father begins at 6:45 mark)

23 Nisan - 1906:
A devastating earthquake struck San Francisco, followed by destructive fires; estimates of the final death toll were more than 3600.

23 Nisan starts on 7 April 2018 at Sundown and continues to sundown on the 8th

the Torah portion to be read in that time frame is Lev 9:1-11:47

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