Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Main news that people need to know
The first 39 Min of this interview.  Financial analyst James Rickards does a wonderful job of explaining the current global financial system and puts it in terms the everyday person can understand.  The best summary I have ever heard.

Trunews 21 Oct 2013 interview with Dr Jim Garrow.  Interview starts at the 10 min mark.  This interview is details of who Obama really is coming from a US Intelligence asset.  In the 3.5 years since this interview Garrow's credentials have been verified.

A picture says a thousand words (look at the date in the medallion on the Phoenix [ code for the new world currency / the one Rickards says will be the IMF's SDR])

The Elite's own words

The most important one of all, A man that died went to Hell then to Heaven and came back to tell about it.  23 min of the most wonderful story you can imagine.

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