Saturday, 13 August 2016

The real 10 commandments and the Heretical

I just read Glynda Linkous's word

While researching the 10 heretical commandments of the NWO (the Georgia Guide-stone), I prayed to the LORD to give me a scripture on random scripture generator an hour ago.  The LORD gave me Exodus 20:8-11 "the ten commandments".  Of all the places because I have just been analyzing the Georgia guide-stones 10 (heretical) commandments and their 10th with I feel is similar to REV 14:8 "Babylon has fallen. Has fallen"

The new world order one violate Ex 20:4 and 5....

Now this happens Saturday afternoon

The 9th of AV begins at sundown on the 13th...   a Muslim Imam assassinated hours before sunset and they are blaming Trump.   Death awaits?

I just find it really telling that as I'm researching the NWO 10 commandments (Georgia guide-stones) the LORD gives me the passage of his 10 Commandments out of ALL the passages in the bible. What are the odds?

I feel we are very close to a major event in the USA.  I feel this assassination of an Imam is meant to start a war within the USA that the Obama administration can use to declare a state of emergency and postpone the US elections.

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