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Is the LORD putting his name upon the market crash?

The Hebrew ‘Shin’ and the ‘W’ formation on the US Stock market look very similar.  The Shin is the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the one chosen thousands of years ago to represent the unspeakable name of GOD. 1 Kings 11:36 “… Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen for myself, to put my name there.  It is interesting that the Kidron valley, the Hinnom valley and the Tyropean valley form a “Shin” surrounding the temple mount.  This video from ppsimmons. At least the first 2 min

1 Kings chapter 11 is a fitting chapter for the current situation in America.  Once blessed by the LORD, the shining city on the hill has forgotten the GOD who made her what she was.  America is now frolicking in every depravity known, even celebrating it.  Chapter 11 of 1st Kings covers King Solomon’s fall from grace.  King Solomon’s worship of foreign gods and the LORD judgment upon him and Israel for doing so.  The LORD raised up 2 enemies from without and an enemy from within to bring down Israel and scatter 10 of her 12 tribes The LORD handed these tribes over to the enemy from within.  Solomon ruled for 40 years.  If 2016 is to be the year of judgment upon America 2016 – 40 = 1976, America’s 200th anniversary. In America's case the two enemies that have been raised up are Russia and China.  The enemy within being the Illuminati agents seeking to bring America to her knees. I am not blaming Russia and China, they are not the aggressors, but they will bring America down.

According to James Bailey of, the LORD has shown him that the “W” formation in the market will be it.  The deep breath before the plunge!  The market top is in as of Friday April 1st and an intraday high on Monday the 4th of April 2016.  The “W” (James Bailey) / the Hebrew Shin, marks the US market top (?).       Below:
“In the final moments of my prayer time today, I heard this, “The market is going to close at a new high. Then it will open the next trading day at another new high.”
Although He did not identify any dates or numbers, He gave me a sign to watch for, which is the market closing the day at a new high. I don’t believe He was referring to a new all-time high because He did not say that. I believe He was referring to the final top, which is now forming the final leg of the W pattern, the triple-top reversal, which has been forming over the past nine months. The first leg started back in July 2015 at about 18,122. The second leg topped in November at about 17,923. Now the third leg is approaching the top.”

 Is the LORD putting his name upon America’s God… money, Wall st, Finance…etc ?  Is the  LORD signing its death warrant.  James Bailey and others have seen 2 crashes.  A 1st market crash involving the 30-40% devaluation of the US dollar, followed shortly by the Euro and Swiss Franc going to ZERO. A possible precursor to the USD devaluation will be an economic crash starting in Germany on the 25th of April 2016. In this season, international finance will be broken, but not destroyed. The system will manage to hobble along for another short season before the LORD brings down the global financial system in a day.

” In one day I will bring down their financial system.”

“Now I don‘t know exactly where that is out in the Pacific, but that was the perspective.
It was being seen not from ground level, but slightly above the horizon, so that it could
be seen coming up over the horizon. Does that make any sense? [Yeah sorta, you were

up in the air… ]And as the sun began to cross over the Pacific and reached the Japanese
Isles there was this stunned shock, horror, of the Japanese investors and the Japanese people
– which the stock market was plummeting… [That‟s the Neiki.] OK.. [Was that our stock
market or theirs?] Theirs! And staying ahead of the sun, so that it could be seen coming
up over the horizon, the Lord began to show across the globe it reached the Chinese
mainland, went into Hong Kong, came across the Asian markets, and it was like a domino effect..
The Chinese looked on in stunned horror.‘ This cannot be happening!‘ “

Ladies and Gentlemen Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.   John 14:6
Get know Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life.  Judgment is at the door.

Please see this wonderful 23 minute video to see what awaits you as a reborn Christian

UPDATE 1:  From

  Patrick says:
WOOOW!!! Ok so driving to work this morning and I believe the holy sprit just hits me and says calculate the days from layman brothers collapse to beginning of Passover!!!
So from 9/15/08 – to 4/22/16 is 7 years 7 months 7 days

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