Thursday, 7 June 2018

My 2 cents on June through Sept 2018 UPDATED

Colors may play a part: Green (US Greenback / US dollar), Blue (The Euro / EU), Yellow (?),
The ideas I am presenting here are just guesses at the events to unfold using the characters and timing in the cover above.  Whether it comes to fruition... that is a good question.

Column 6, 3rd character (the twin mountain):  June 9-12 2018 date range.  I think this will be the beginning of the market down turn.  An initial downturn with a recovery (Dead cat bounce) only to plummet again to lower lows.  I would suspect this wouldn't take place until AFTER the Bilderberg globalist kingpin meeting is over.  They don't want to be caught like rats in a trap by the Proles.

Possibly the first decline has already happened.  First peak 26 Jan2018, second peak 25325. Now all downhill from here. 13June 2018close 25201.20  2520 = 1260 x 2, 12? 12 tribes of Israel?  Down 119.53

The 2nd peak occurred on the last day of the 9-12 June date range (12June 2018).

Column 6, 4th character (Fighter plane / F-22 /only the USA has them): 13-16 June 2018 date range. Some type of US military action or posturing.

UPDATE: looks like the plane was an F-35.  It was in the 13-16 June date range.  Look what happened on the 15th of June;

US-Turkey row: American lawmakers urge Mattis to immediately halt ‘inconceivable’ sale of F-35s

"A group of 44 US Congressmen... the letter, dated June 15, reads. “It is inconceivable that we would place the F-35 technology in the hands of the deepening Russian-Turkish relationship.”
(Thanks Barry)

Column 6, 5th character (the bridge): 17-20 June 2018 date range.  I believe this now to be the 25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon Portugal. Portugal may be the the first European country to declare bankruptcy starting the dominoes tumbling.

UPDATE:  Notice to the left of the bridge, Putin's face.  Russia just sold half its US Treasury bond holdings.
at the 49 sec mark onward
Published time: 16 Jun, 2018

The character to the right of the bridge is the Astronaut / Moonwalk figure "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."  The bridge to the Global Currency Reset and rise of the Phoenix, one world currency.

Column 6, character 6 ( FIFA Russia Symbol): 21-24 June date range.

 Most likely it is the FIFA Russia symbol.

Games are being played on the 21-24 June 2018 date range that the character sits on.

Group F:  Both Germany and South Korea are playing on 23 June (Character 6, A1,B2,C3,D4,E5, F6)

And / or:
Possibly the orb that the Former King of Saudi Arabia and Trump placed their hands on.

Column 6, character 7 (The Ski's and poles) 25-28 June 2018 (to end of month, 29 June last business day). In blue so I think it is the EU.  I think this may be the date that Deutche Bank (DB) goes under.  DB goes "Downhill" fast.  DB was down graded on 1June by S&P rating agency.  according Bix Weir this will be a derivative trigger event.  From the point of the trigger to payment due is 30days. Possibly on the last business day of the month DB will announce its failure. DB derivative book is 70 trillion USD. One bank that is carrying as much debt and liability as the GDP of the planet.  DB is the most dangerous bank in the world and with the rest of them being in bad shape as well a DB failure will cascade through the banking system FAST.

Column 7, character 1 (Green Smiley Face) 1-4 July.  From a EU banking / currency crisis, the sheep will run for the "perceived safety" of the US Dollar (USD).  The US and USD will benefit for a time.  This maybe the Dead cat bounce / Faux recovery of the US market.

Column7, character 2 (Mosquito) 5-8 July. Pandemic     Most likely Zika.

Column 7, character 3 (Yellow camel) 9-12 July.  A Saudi / Middle East event.

Column 7, character 4 (German PM, Angela Merkel). 13-16 July. Merkel with the Triangle hand sign pointed down.  My take; Germany will refuse to bailout DB & the EU.  The financial crisis will accelerate from here.

Column 7, character 5 (the Spacesuit or Robot) is in the July 16-20 2018 position.

"One small step for Man,one giant leap for Mankind" and what the globalist's mean by that is their one-world order and one-world currency.

The below picture from the Rothschild owned Economist Magazine Jan 1988 issue.  Notice the date on the Phoenix's medallion... 2018.  The Phoenix is their code name for the new Global currency.

Using the eyes of the spacesuit (2 Dots), mouth (1 Dash),  lines on chest (3  Dashes) and knees (2 Dots):

.. - - - - .. in morse-code is  ITTTTI  I=9, T=20  9+20+20= 49 & 20+20+9= 49

20 July 2018 - 49 years = 20 July 1969, the day of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

TTT is also the NYSE symbol of the:

TTT     ProShares UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury

an Exchange traded fund that will make money when the US 20 year Treasury bond crashes.

Column7, character 6 (Cellphone with a LOCK) 21-24 July. Internet and cell lock-down / lock-out.  Electronic runs on banks. Eliminate easy of communication for patriots / nationalists to organize.  Soros Antifa thugs will still have comms obviously to stir up strife.

Column 7, character 7 (Drone) 25-28 (till end of July) July ?

Column 8, character 1 (EU flag with a falling star) 1- 4 August 2018. A country departs from the EU. If Germany departs from the EU, the Euro will fall massively.


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