Sunday, 9 April 2017

Trump has gone full NEOCON. America is screwed!

America is in no position to sabre rattle, let alone start any more wars.  My hope in the Trump administration was dashed with his foolish decision to stumble into Syria.  He took the NEOCON bait and there is no going back.

You don't go pick fights with Russia and with your largest creditor (China).  This will end badly for all involved but the "Hammer" will fall hardest upon the USA which is no longer throwing stones from its glass-house but cinder-blocks.

The most important thing anyone can do right now is get their spiritual house in order.  Ask Jesus to become LORD and savior of your life.  Ask Jesus to forgive you your sins as you forgive all those who have wronged you.

Do the above and no matter what happens you eternal life will be secure with Jesus.  We are all bound for one of two places... the choice is yours.

Please see this wonderful 23 min video of what awaits you ...

Ian McCormack who died from poison and went to Hell then to Heaven and then was revived.

Also the testimony of Howard Storm

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