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Mega quake on 13 May 2017 ???

Please read this critical article from the Endtimes forecaster

It chronicles a 188 day cycle of Major earthquakes... the next is due on 13 May 2017.
Rev Mary on a "Earthquake of the century"  1:47 mark

Check out Mena Lee Grebin's 25 Aug 2016 dream of a massive California earthquake

 Look for this to occur 12 May 2017. This would be 25200 days from Israels birth 14 May 1948. 2520 = 7 biblical years, 25200 is 70 biblical years. Also is 3600 weeks, 36 = 666. Page 237 temple at the center of time, the Lateran obelisk on the Vatican to the dome of the spirits on the temple mount is 2,520,000 yards. Page 160 in TATCOT, 2520 also relates to the angle light must enter a water droplet to produce a rainbow.

 12 May 2017 1+2+0+5+2+0+1+7= 18 or 666 or 16 Lyar 5777 after sunset on the 12th it will be 17 Lyar 5777. Lyar is the 2nd month on the religious calendar. 1+7+0+2+5+7+7+7= 36 or 666 ( all the integers added up from 1 to 36 = 666 and 6+6+6 = 18).

Look at the events of 16 Lyar:

16 Iyar 2448 - 1313 B.C.E.:

Bnei Yisrael began receiving mann, the "bread from heaven" in the Midbar this morning.
Moshe Rabbeinu introduced the first bracha of the Birchat HaMazon when Bnei Yisrael began to receive the mann. (Brachot 48) The mann fell six days a week; a double-portion fell on Friday to include Shabbat. Unlike other miracles that were one-time events, the mann continued to fall day after day throughout the 40 years of Jewish wandering in the desert. See 18 Iyar.

16 Iyar 3826 - 66 C.E.:

The Roman legion under General Holofernes ransacked Yerushalayim, killing 3000+ Jews.

16 Iyar 3830 - 70 C.E.:

· Titus and the Roman army laid siege upon Yerushalayim, greatly weakening its defenders. The Romans recaptured the middle wall of Yerushalayim and demolished it. The city was later burned, its inhabitants massacred, and the Beit HaMikdash destroyed on the 9th of Av.

16 Iyar 5699 - May 5, 1939:

The Nazi Nuremberg anti-Jewish Laws, depriving Jews the rights citizenship, were passed by the government of Nazi Germany in 1935. On 16 Iyar 1939, the laws went into effect in Nazi-allied Hungary.

16 Iyar 5705 - April 29, 1945:

· The U.S. 7th Army liberated the Dachau concentration camp. Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and the model for the other concentration camps. During the war, 200,000 Jews were housed in Dachau. More than 30,000 were killed and tens of thousands died due to the conditions and spread of disease in the camp. The camp was freed by the 45th Infantry Division of the U.S. Seventh Army. It was the second concentration camp to be liberated following the end of WWII. The U.S. troops forced the citizens of the local community to come to the camp, observe the conditions, and help clean the facilities.

ON 17 Lyar:

17 Iyar 1656 -2105 B.C.E.:

According to Rab' Yehoshua, who holds that "the second month" refers to Iyar, today it began raining, marking the beginning of the Mabul.

17 Iyar 3826 - 66 C.E.:

Following the theft of silver from the Beit HaMikdash in Yerushalayim, the Jewish defense force attacked and defeated the Roman garrison stationed in Yerushalayim.

17 Iyar 5705 - April 30, 1945:


Hitler, ym"s, committed suicide in his underground bunker in Berlin, Germany.

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