Monday, 26 December 2016

The plague of Hail to strike America on 30 Dec 2016?

Sister Barbara (Godshealer 7 on Youtube) gave a prophecy of a plague of hail (The plague of Egypt will be revisited).

Date of the original plague of Hail was 1 Tevet 1312bc (1 Tevet in 2016 is 30 Dec).

1 Tevet is also the date that Esther was taken to the palace of the king setting the stage for her saving the Jews 6 years later.

GH7  1:29 mark

Also see her post on the 3 days of Darkness...

You cannot stand against this storm in your own strength.  You will only be safe under the wing of the most high and you will only be allowed under his wing if you have embraced the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Ask Jesus to forgive you your sins, ask Jesus to become LORD and savior of your life and forgive all those who have wronged you.  Time is short.  Israel has been stabbed in the back by America... America / Egypt, has stirred the LORD to anger.

Prophetic vision from Mena Lee Grebin

" Here is a dream and a vision I posted in August 1, of 2013.
I saw America turn on Israel, and John Kerry was the spokesperson.
I also saw a war in Israel."

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