Wednesday, 7 September 2016

USD implosion 28 Oct 2016. Release of Dan Brown's "INFERNO" on 28 Oct 2016

The Elite are telling us things again

Matt NZ
September 7, 2016 6:32 pm
I find it interesting that the new Dan Brown (Davinci Code, Angels & Demons) film “INFERNO” is released in the USA on 28 Oct 2016
Released in Belgium on the 12th UK 14th of OCT

Will it be after close of Business NYSE on 27 Oct that the Chinese announce this… the 28th … the inferno

ref Murrys post

August 30, 2016 1:49 pm
( Rember this date: October 27th 2016 )
My Daughter is 7 years old. She has an amazing gift at hearing Jesus speak to her. I’ve found children are very open to the spiritual world, more so then many adults. My wife and I ask her many questions to ask Jesus. Because of her inability to articulate what she says, we ask her questions with her to respond with a Yes/No or a date or a number ( In actuality these questions are directed at Jesus, she simply relays what Jesus says ). Most of the time she doesn’t even know what the question means.
These are some of the questions and responses she gave me.
Father: Will China give a big announcement in October of this year ?
Daughter: Yes.
( She then stopped and looked at me and said ” Jesus said it’s going to be very Bad ) When she said this it gave me the shivers.
Daughter: Jesus said it’s going to be about Gold.
Father: What will the date of this announcement be.
Daughter: Oct 27th 2016.
Father: Will this be about China backing it’s currency with gold ?
Daughter: Yes
Father: Will the U.S. dollar collapse ?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Should I buy FAZ to make money from this collapse.
Daughter: Yes
Father: Should I buy options on FAZ.
Daughter: No.
Father: Why shouldn’t I buy options.
Daughter: Jesus said you will make more money from buying FAZ and not the options.
Father: What price should I sell FAZ at.
Daughter: $10,000
Father: What is the last month of could hold FAZ before selling it.
Daughter: March of 2017
Father: WHEN DOES GOD want me to sell FAZ.
Daughter: November this year.
Father: What will the highest price FAZ will ever trade at ?
Daughter: $100,000
Father: After I sell it what should I buy with it.
Daughter: Jesus said a farm and silver.
Note: my daughter said FAZ will trade at $100,000 at some point in time but God said for me to sell it at $10,000 in November. God knows the reasoning for this. Maybe when FAZ is trading at $100,000 in the future we could be in the middle of a Banking holiday or a Derivatives crisis where we could lose all of our profits. I won’t be greedy, I’m personally selling at $10,000 in November of this year. She also said an ounce of silver will be trading as low at $10 an ounce in November 2016 but it will skyrocket to over $750 early into the next year ( sorry I can’t remember the exact date, It might have been Jan or Feb ). I know this might sound very crazy to you because of her age but ask the Lord yourself if what she’s saying is correct. There are many other things she said such as paying James Bailey a 10% commission ( yes commission, not Tith ) on the profits from the FAZ because of his recommendation and also paying your God a 10% Tith. I plan on paying both as God his directed. As I mentioned she said many other things but I thought this would be the most helpful to people.

also    "Angels Demons, Fire and more"

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