Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Trunews interview in 2014 and the coming 2016 crash

Rick Wiles interviewing his friend Steven from panama
17:50 sec mark interview starts.
His daughter Karissa’s 5 scene dream… 2 year prior warning?
20:55 dream scenes… Cranberry sauce was on the family table in scene one (got that from another broadcast of his that addressed that, scene 4 everyone had on heavy jackets and a cold fall wind blowing).
most scenes indicate fall / winter

at 16:30 mark Rick says Stephan contacted him one week ago (Broadcast was Oct 17th 2014)  date of contact then Oct 10th 2014

That would be the date that both Stephan and Karissa had the feeling this dream sequence was imminent.

10 Oct 2014 + 720 days (360 day biblical years x 2) = 29 Sept 2016
10 Oct 2014 + 2 years = 10 Oct 2016  Yom Kippur begins at Sundown 11 Oct 2016

This timeline is pertaining to this article which also lays out the case for an October crash:

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