Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Another airliner to be shot down on July 17th 2016?

TWA Flight 800 en-route from JFK airport in New York to Paris, exploded over the Long Island sound July 17th 1996. There were multiple reports of a missile being seen.  One of the witness's of the missile was a former Air Force pilot.  The explosion was blamed on electrical short in the center fuel tank.

Malaysia airlines flight 17 en-route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was routed by Ukrainian Air Traffic Control right over an active war zone and shot down on July 17th 2014 (18 years to the day after TWA flt 800).



This July 17th will be 20 years since the TWA flight 800 accident (Shoot-down), 2 years since MH17 shoot down over the Ukraine... my question is will there be an airliner shot down this July 17th 2016?

TWA 800 20 years, MH17 2 years, Airliner X this year?


Pastor Terry Bennett of Terry Bennett ministries had an earth-shattering interview with Rick Wiles of Trunews on Sept 18 2014 talking of an angelic visitation in which he was given information of a three 7 year time frames starting in 2008 to the year 2028.  Interview on the subject starts at 20:40 mark.


Predominant issue 2008- 2014-15 (Economic), 2015-2021 (Governmental), 2021-2028 (Religious)

Religious part talked about at 44:10 mark. The one world religion (The combination of Christianity, Judaism, Islam).

When it gets to the religious stage, that is when the Christian martyrdom really starts (46:20 onward). Those who refuse to follow this new religion.

2021 sounds an awful lot like the beginning of the tribulation.

Will this next POSSIBLE shoot-down have 138 fatalities?  TWA flt 800- 230 total passengers and crew.  MH17 298 all (passengers and crew).  230 + 298 = 528... 528 + 138 =  666

The elite lay messages and images out for all to see.  They view it as having warned you.  Their view is if you are to stupid to understand then that is your problem.


When these things happen, Turn to Jesus, he is your refuge. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  John 14:6

Ask Jesus to become LORD and savior of your life.  Ask him to forgive your sins as you forgive others who have sinned against you.

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