Wednesday, 27 July 2016

An Earth-shattering event is at the door!

We have entered the Days of Mourning and a Earth-shattering event is at the door!

Jeff Byerly of    gave us a time frame of 13 July through 23 July 2016 for believers to fervently pray for the evil plots and schemes of the enemy to fail.  This was an attempt to stop the early release of the plague of evil that is coming regardless.  Jeff’s article on the warning he received,
23 July 2016 is 17 Tammuz.  17 Tammuz starts the Hebrew period of mourning of three weeks leading up to the 9th of Av.  It was on the 9th of Av that both Jewish temples were destroyed 666 360 day (Biblical) years apart. The 9th of AV in 2016 is 13 August 2016. 23 July to 13 August is 21 days.

The Nine days

“The Nine Days are the darkest days on the Jewish calendar. They are the final days of a three-week mourning period that begins on the 17th of Tamuz. The Nine Days begin on Rosh Chodesh Av and lead up to the Fast of Tisha B'Av (the 9th day of Av), the saddest day on the Jewish Calendar.
All through the three weeks, we observe signs of mourning. During the Nine Days, this observance intensifies.”

The first day of the intensification will be the 1st of Av 5776 or 5 August 2016.  This intensification will culminate of the 9th of Av 5776 or 13 August 2016.  There is an event in America’s past, a decision that was made on the 13th of August 1971.  President Richard M. Nixon met with 15 of his advisors in a secret meeting at the US Presidential retreat of Camp David.  The decision was made on that date to sever the US Dollars link to gold making the worlds reserve currency pure fiat.  From this point on our monetary system was no longer based on Gold but based on Faith and confidence. Nixon announced this decision to the American people on 15 August 1971.

Glinda Linkous of Wings of Prophecy also posted a heavy warning.  
Watch Now      July 26th 2016

My shaking is coming to your government, America, for My Judgments are at the door.
NOTE: In the spirit, I saw panic, disorder and chaos in the White House, but not the reason for it – it appeared that something very upsetting had happened on a very large scale.
Darkness has invaded America and the enemy lurks within its borders. A plan is underway to surprise you with an attack that will shock the world. In days past, I would have shielded you (America), but you no longer walk in My Ways, preferring abomination to blessing. So abominations you shall have.
NOTE: When He said abominations we would have, I knew He meant very literally, but I could not see if He meant abominable creatures, people, or what form we will have them in.
Watch now as I bring to pass the abominations you have desired.
NOTE: It occurred to me that radiation mutates living things, and could cause creatures we would consider abominations to occur.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t know exactly what is coming.  I, like everyone else, can only guess but I can tell you it will be Earth-shattering and it will only increase in intensity and frequency… these are the birth-pains (Matthew 24) that have been warned about… it is here.  Please read this word from Jeff…

I can only guess timing and I look at that through mirroring  Hebrew historical and calendar events and try to apply those to America’s past and present.  We are now within the three weeks of mourning which started on the last day (23 July 2016) of Jeff Byerly’s warning.  I can only guess a horrible event with occur on the 1st of AV (5 August 2016).  Even if it isn’t on that day, it is coming, speeding towards you like a freight train. 
There is only one place to hide from this storm and that is under the wing of the Almighty.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

There is no other way to be saved other than Jesus.  Being a good person won’t do it. Good works don’t do it (Eph 2:8-9)…   Ask Jesus to be Lord and savior of your life.  Ask Jesus to forgive your sins as you forgive all those who have wronged you.  If you have done that, welcome to GOD’s family.

Please see this wonderful 23 minute video of what awaits you as a reborn Christian.

If after reading this you are someone that scoffs at all this I invite you to listen to secular monetary expert James Rickards here in this wonderful summary of the pickle that the central planners have put us in and his sound advice for an insurance policy.  Rickards has a gift being able to take complex subjects and put them in a way we common people can understand. Rickards interview is the first 35 minutes of the program.

UPDATE: I have been told that Tish Ba Av this year is observed on the 10th of AV, though it still starts on the 13th at sundown (The Hebrew day begins at sundown and continues to sundown on the following day).   That would make it August 14th.  On that note, 13 August is the date that Nixon and his advisors made the decision to break the US Dollars link with gold.  The 15th was the date that Nixon announced this to the Nation.  The 14th falls inbetween.


  1. Amen my brother!
    Thank you so much for explaining this so well. Now I understand what you were trying to tell me before.
    God Bless You!

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  3. Did yiu realize that the Rio Olympics start on Aug 5th or the 1st of Av?

    1. No, i didn't realize that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  4. Dear John Smith, hope you don't mind me sharing here. Last nite I had a vision of Corona Australia, the southern crown. I saw the crown in a beautiful and unpolluted nite sky. Right along side it was a chariot wheel made up of stars. Like how constellation pics are drawn over the top of star clusters. After seeing that I heard 'sigourney weaver'. Sigourney means conqueror and daring King. She is known for her alien movies. Thought you may be able to decipher this further. Perhaps also connected to month of August as it crosses the meridian mid August.Perhaps also connected to seeing vision of car rego with 911 on it and hearing '911, notice, all stars'. Hearing car bomb then seconds later seeing 'z bomb' on car number plate. Perhaps they are separate unconnected bits of info? Though I think both are earth shattering. Love reading your blog. Definitely something to think on that is praise worthy.