Friday, 10 June 2016

The Timing of the US Dollar devaluation ? (Updated)

Friday, June 10, 2016


My timing is always perfect. My children are in a hurry for all they ask Me for, but My timing is part of My masterpiece – My Word, My Creation, everything you see around you is on My timing.
If the seasons of earth get off My timing, all of creation suffers. I have set My timing inside every living thing for it to function as one world. Your life, too, has My timing inside it. When you rush ahead of Me and try to make things happen yourselves, you work against My timing and this makes your endeavors unsuccessful.
My children, wait for My timing. Just believe Me, believe I have your situations in hand and allow Me to work them out to your highest benefit in My timing. You will be glad you did. My solutions shall make you very glad.
Timing, what a fitting Post by Glynda Linkous for the 10th of June 2016. Please read this post by James Bailey of for what may be coming on 12-13 June 2016.
I found a comment on the above link that led me down a path. Comment from "JM"

June 8, 2016 9:47 am
Feel prompted to share this. It may add to the overall picture developing. I’ve struggled to fully understand it personally so perhaps I need to lean on others. On passover 2016 (April 23) I had a vision of a table set against a wall. It was a half semi circle table. On the table I saw written the number “70.” The shape of the table had meaning for me because it appeared as a “U” shape, which is another form of “V.” Speaking of a fall and then a rise. As for the “70” I wondered if it meant a “U” in the markets beginning in 70 days. Straight away I went to the calendar and calculated 70 days from Passover. It brought me out to July 2nd. About 10 minutes later I saw another vision of what appeared to be a shop shelf, it was quite high up, and on it was a price. The price was “$2.07.” This to me was a confirmation of July 2nd. Perhaps in the U.S you would say 07/02 but overseas we say 02/07. Several days later I had this confirmed somewhat when in another vision I saw etched on a wall “70 days” and beside that was a “V.” It was from recollection etched in gold. Because the V/U shape is a well known metaphor to me of major falls and rises in the market, I have felt that perhaps we would not see any major move down in the markets till early July. But I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. I’ve equally wondered whether it relates to the Dollar. I don’t live in a dollar denominated country. My currency is the sterling. So the “$2.07” vision seems to be highlighting the dollar. Also it seemed interesting to me that on the day… 

response to JM:

June 12th is also the 1st quarter moon. The moon will be half illuminated and has made 1 quarter of its orbit since the new moon.

James Bailey's response to JM:

June 9, 2016 12:57 am
Thanks for sharing this JM. This is an awesome confirmation of what I am expecting to see, which is the markets hitting bottom on Friday July 1. Historical patterns for previous market crashes show huge rallies typically happen immediately after the market hits bottom with most of the bounce coming in the first two trading days. July 2 is a Saturday, but it lets us know the markets will continue dropping until the end of the day on Friday July 1. Then it will be time to close all short positions and go long.

Another response to JM:

I believe this is a marker going backward as well as going forward.
Jim Rickards on Trunews stated that an IMF meeting occurred in 2010 to abandon the US Dollar as World reserve currency (around the 18 min mark). Rick Wiles states in that same 31 March 2016 interview that Nathan Leal of the watchman’s cry gave details of a dream that in mid august of 2010 the Financial elite would start to abandon the US dollar (66-68 min mark in same interview).
23 April 2016 – 2065 days (70 x 29.5 lunar days) = 28 August 2010
23 April 2016 – 70 lunar cycles = the month they made the decision to kill the US dollar.
23 April 2016 + 70 days = ??? [2 July 2016]

The 1st Quarter Moon

Mid August 2010, the Moon was a 1st quarter moon (JM's Semi-circle / half light - half dark / division of the sheep and the goats?) just like it will be on June 12, 2016.  It is called a 1st quarter moon because it has completed one quarter of its orbit around the Earth. According to Nathan Leal of the Watchman's Cry he had a dream in 2009 that a decision would be made mid-August 2010 to abandon the US Dollar (Trunews audio link 66-68 min mark).  Economist Jim Rickards announced this as well on the 31 March 2016 Trunews broadcast linked below (approximately 18 min mark onward).

Nathan Leals dream (66-68 min mark). Decision made by the elite mid-August 2010 to abandon the US Dollar.

Jim Rickards addresses IMF meeting about 18 min mark... 66-68 min mark Rick covers Nathans dream

This is all based of JM's comments on

23 April 2016 (Passover) is the marker, going forward (70 days) as well as what happened in the past (70 Lunar cycles ago).

June 12th 2016     6 & 6+6   2+0+1+6= 9   666 / 9 (9 is Divine Completeness from GOD / Judgement)

I ask you what are the chances of 70 lunar cycles from Passover 2016 (23 April 2016) coming out to the very month and years (August 2010) that the death warrant of the US Dollar was signed? What are the chances of Passover 2016 + 70 days coming out to 2 July (Saturday, 1 July Friday) when James Bailey, editor of thinks the US Market immediate bottom will be.


James Bailey's US Market chart he saw in a dream.


Using the Closing S&P 500 index number from 10 June 2016
 S&P 500    2096.07   Down 19.41 or 0.92%

1941 and 365 /100 = 3.65x 92 = 335.8  or 336

01 Jan 1941 + 336 days = 3 Dec 1941

Look at when the Japanese carrier task force made its turn South South-East (SSE). 3 Dec 1941

then 0700 7 Dec 1941 (Hawaii time) turned due South... (Straight DOWN)

Apply to 10 June 2016 ?

10 June 2016 (3 Dec 1941, the turn SSE), morning of 14 June 2016 (7 Dec 1941).... straight down?

Could the remainder of the track show the resurgence of the Dow only to resume its plunge? I know this sounds crazy but why would the S&P500 be down 19.41 and 0.92% or 92% of a year work out to 3 Dec & the year 1941?  Is 10 June the turn south and 13-14 June the steep drop.  Bilderberg is meeting is Dresden Germany 9-12 June 2016...  will they overturn the tables on the USA and devalue the US dollar.  Bilderberg is the shadow government of the World.

"On 7/7/14 I had a prophetic dream in which I saw a sudden economic collapse coming upon the whole world. In this dream I was in a big banquet hall, which was filled with representatives from different countries. Each country had a long wooden table where their representatives were seated.
Then I saw the table for the United States. There were about six or eight representatives seated on one side of the table, but I could not see any of the representatives seated across from them on the other side. Then all of the U.S. representatives that I could see stood up at the same time. This caused a great commotion throughout the whole hall as the representatives from other nations began shouting at the U.S. table and at each other. There was a lot of confusion and yelling throughout the hall. The other countries were demanding that the U.S. representatives sit back down but their demands were ignored and the U.S. delegates kept standing.
Then suddenly the people who were hidden from my view on the other side of the U.S. table shoved the table very hard causing it to crash into the ones who were standing. All of them were knocked down to the ground and the table landed on top of them. I saw them laying flat on their backs with the edge of the table laying on top of them. They were unable to get up and could not get the table off of them. They were powerless and helpless and unable to move. Nobody came to help them. They just remained pinned under the weight of the table."

Possible Projected dates continued:

20 June top (12 Dec 1941)
27 June 2016 (20 Dec 1941) post Brexit low
30 June (23 Dec 1941) rise

3 Dec 1941 or 10 June 2016 + 20 days (Japanese task force returns to Japan 23 Dec 1941) = 30 June 2016
Look at this warning for 30 June 2016 
go to 23 min mark on the video.

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