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NASA’s Juno Probe points to July 2016 (UPDATE 6 July 2016)

Was NASA’s Juno Probe an elite ‘Signal Flare’
NASA’s Juno Probe launched 5 August 2011 [Shabbat Chazon, aka “the Black Sabbath”], will enter orbit of Jupiter on 5 July 2016. I believe the Juno probe was a signal-flare sent up by the elite to warn their fellow illuminists as well as rub it in the faces of the masses (we’re dull, blind cows to them) of dates as well as a possible sign pointing to an ‘individual’ & the elite announcing who he really is. The timing of the Juno probe is pointing to a 2016 / 2017 event ie entry into Jupiter orbit 5 July 2016 & then 33 orbits later a plunge into Jupiter. After 33 orbits (Illuminati signature), Jupiter and Juno become one and produce Vulcan – whose fall from Olympus was eerily similar to Satan’s fall from Heaven. The Illuminists even have a ‘countdown clock’ till Juno orbit .
In Mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods and with his wife Juno he fathered Vulcan (the Roman version of Satan). I am convinced the elite have put their time-line out before us for all to see.
Other alternative media personalities have pointed to significant events for the 2016-2017 time frame. V the Guerrilla economists interview with a 4 star General who told him 2017 the USA will cease to exist as we know it. V’s own appraisal of the situation from an economic & geopolitical standpoint has found that the USA is lost beyond repair. V has come up with a 2016 / 2017 date also. V has also consulted a Micheal Rosecliff who has produced a computer program for analyzing Economic & geopolitical events and it has proved to be 96% accurate so far. The programs name is Looking-Glass . It is far more advanced than the ‘web-bot’ software that predicted 9-11. V interview with the 4 star General Critical Must listen At least the first 10 min [He meant to say Major General to 4 star General in 4 years] The man in the link below (on page 4 bottom) stated that he was told that we’ll never see 2020. 5 July 2016 minus 1260 days = 22 January 2013 Obama’s first official day of his second term. I believe the elite are doing that to point to who he really is and only those with the eyes to see will notice. /alternative…l-2571498.html
The elite have dates planned for events that are significant to them. 5 July 2016 (Juno Probe orbit entry of Jupiter) may be just when they would like events to take place. It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen then or that way because GOD is in control. Juno was an Elite ‘signal flare’ to their fellow bottom dwellers. They can only do what the Father will allow. All I’m saying with the dates of the Juno probe is it is the Elites message to their own.
Mission Time-line:
Launch 5 August 2011 Shabbat Chazon aka ‘the black Sabbath’
Deep Space maneuvers August / September 2012
Earth Fly by Oct 2013
Jupiter arrival 5 July 2016
Juno will orbit Jupiter for about one year (Making 33 orbits… signature of the elite)
Oct 2017 The Juno probe will plunge into Jupiter becoming one & produce Vulcan (the Roman version of Satan).
The Bilderberg group has had leaks that have stated it is their plan to have us chipped by 2017. Aaron Russo interview
As always I welcome any comments or ideas on the subject.
Additional info on Juno
The 5 July 2016 arrival of Juno into orbit of Jupiter is 02:30 GMT which will be 21:30 Washington DC time on the 4th of July 2016. This date minus 1260 days comes out to 21 Jan 2013, BHO’s 2nd inauguration date.…/#.VHGBsmeuTHL
right by the ‘countdown clock’

UPDATE 1:  28 April 2016

Scroll down on this link to the image of the Washington Monument.  See the star formations on 4 July.

July 2016 looks to be VERY busy.

After the 4 July 2016 23:18 orbit insertion I can only say this as a major event:

"America Died At 11:00 ET 7/5/2016"

 The rules of law is dead!

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