Friday, 18 March 2016

America’s 240th year approaches, the encoded Masonic endgame

America’s 240th year begins 4 July 2016. 240 years from the date placed on the bottom of the Great Pyramid on the US dollar bill.  1776 has been labeled “the year of the Light” by the Freemasons.  The Masons also place the creation of Adam at 4000 bc which they also labeled as “the year of the light”.  Jewish scholars have placed his creation at 3760 BC; a difference of 240 years.  The Jews labeled this “the year of the world”.  Please the see the video below at the 34 sec mark thru the 41 sec mark.   (the entire video is incredible and I do urge all to view it).
Nasa’s Juno probe was launched on the “black Sabbath”.  And will enter orbit of Jupiter on 4 July 2016 at 21:30 eastern standard time.  In Mythology, Juno was the wife of Zeus and their union produced Vulcan whose fall from Olympus was eerily similar to Lucifer’s.  Please see my earlier work on this subject.  Since its publication, the number of orbits have been increased from “33” to “37” and the date that Juno will de-orbit and plunge into Jupiter (Zeus) is Feb 2018/new-world-order/2014/12/nasas-juno-probe-points-to-july-2016-3288.html
Let us not forget that the temple of Zeus from Pergamon Turkey sits in the very heart of Berlin and has for over a 120 years (moved there in the late 19th century).  It is this very same altar that Atipas was martyred upon and labeled in the bible as the seat of Satan.  REV 2:12-13
The elite are telling the masses what they are going to do.  They are just doing it in a language that the masses cannot understand.  Their way of ritual mocking of the victim before sacrifice.
Other events scheduled for 2018:
Completion of the Phoenix Towers in China (3300 feet high)  slated for 2018

Also the infamous Economist cover from 9 Jan 1988 (Notice the “2018” in the medallion).  The phoenix standing over a pile of burning national currencies means the World currency rises out of the ash’s of the old.  For it to rise in 2018 the currency crisis will need to occur prior.  It will also need to be painful enough for the masses to accept it.

The recent interview with V the Guerrilla economist talking on the orchestrated takedown of the USA.

I believe something dramatic will occur regarding the USA on 4 July 2016, as America enters “the year of the world”.  Please see for major prophetic information given daily.
and this final prophetic poem.  Read the US cities that will be destroyed and when you see it happen put your faith in Jesus.

It is time to wake from slumber for the Antichrist sits in the Whitehouse.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these calamities will not just be restricted the USA.  Though they may help, your guns won’t save you, nor your food stores.  It is only through Jesus Christ that we can be saved.
Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6    live it, breathe it, know it.
Ask Jesus to be Lord and savior of your life and forgive your sins as we forgive the sins of others against us.

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